The Museum of Death

Last weekend my cousin and his girlfriend were in town so I took them down to Hollywood and Beverly Hills. They had looked up some things to do and mentioned the Museum of Death. It was near where we were so we decided to drop by and let me say, this was one of the creepiest places I’ve ever been in my life. I saw death during my time in Africa, it was an everyday, prevalent thing, but this place was different, this place glorified death.

The first room was the serial killer room where there were pictures, letters, and momento’s from their killings. All this stuff is real and has been collected over the years by the museum’s owners. There are some real sicko’s in this world.

The next room was actually kind of interesting. It was set up like a funeral parlor and showed the process of embalming someone and also how autopsy’s are performed. But it smelled strongly of chemicals and we had to pass through quickly.

After that was the hallway of cult killings. They had items from the San Diego suicides, Waco, and Jonestown. There were also rooms dedicated to Charles Manson and the Black Dahlia.

The most disturbing part came at the very end in the last room, which was set up like a theater. There was a video playing that showed people dying. The lady who owned the museum came in while I was standing there and she said, “this is my favorite clip, if I don’t see this clip at least once a day, it’s not a good day.” The clip was of a person jumping from the 16th floor of a burning building and hitting the ground.

It left me thinking, are these people glorifying death because deep down they are actually scared of dying. Scared of the unknown. Or do they look forward to death as a release of this life. I’m not sure which, if either, but I left that place creeped out and a little sad.