Cat Poop Coffee

Deep in the jungles of Bali there is a cat. A cat that likes to eat coffee beans. Also in those jungles are people who follow after this cat and pick up the coffee beans after they have passed through the cat’s digestive track and are pooped out. These people take these pooped out beans and sell them to coffee makers who in turn bring them to the United States, advertise them as the most wonderful coffee ever and then are able to sell these pooped out coffee beans all ground up and packaged for $600 a pound.

I’m happy to say I didn’t have to pay any money to taste the most expensive coffee in the world. I brewed a small French press of the cat poop coffee, it had a nutty, earthy smell which seemed like the smell it should have. Normally I drink my coffee with cream and sugar (unlike a real man) but I decided to taste this coffee plain, to enjoy it in the raw.

I have to say, it was very smooth, very flavorful, very good coffee, but not as good as Peet’s (which is much cheaper). I ended up adding a little bit of cream to finish off the cup. So all in all, my review of cat poop coffee is this: good, but not worth $600, no coffee is. But it is better than Folgers!