One Week of Food (Day Five 4/14/11)

We have come at last to the final day of the Week of Food. Hope you’ve enjoyed the pictures this year. I now present Day Five:

I realized that last year on the final day of the Week of Food I had Chick-fil-A so I thought that would be a fun tradition to start. So I went there for breakfast and had a Chicken Biscuit, tater tots and sweet tea. Good, but their lunch/dinners are much better than their breakfasts.

Lunch was pretty standard. A turkey and cheese sandwich on sourdough, string cheese, chips and a mango.

Jenny made another wonderful salad for dinner. This one had mixed greens, feta cheese, pears and a homemade balsamic dressing.

And for the last meal of the Week of Food, Jenny made Biscuit Pot Pie with sauteed chicken and mixed vegetables. Super tasty, I will be taking left-overs for lunch!


One Week of Food (Day Two 4/11/11)

Welcome to Day Two of the Week of Food!

Now that I have some time in the morning before work I was able to make a nice breakfast. A scrambled eggs and cheese breakfast burrito and French press coffee.

A co-workers daughter made cupcakes for us, so how could I say no? I had one of these little chocolate wonders.

Lunch was left-over pizza and a banana with a bit of reading on the side.

A Monster got me through the afternoon. You will probably be seeing these in a lot of pictures this week!

Jenny made a very healthy dinner that started off with a salad with blue cheese, toasted pecans, avacado and homemade dressing.

And for the main course: baked chicken with rosemary and broccoli and green beans sauteed with pecans.