When Bears Attack

A few years ago I was in Colorado with the African Children’s Choir. We were at a camp just north of Colorado Springs for a few days of rest, but when we first arrived we were warned that there were bears in the area so we had to be cautious, make sure we never left food lying around outside, and were told not to be outside at night.

Our second evening there, we had a talent show competition down in the main assembly area of the camp. It was a big pavilion that was open on one end and had a stage and fire pit inside. We had a nice fire, roasted hot dogs and the kids sang, dance and acted. We laughed and we cried and had a wonderful time, but eventually it was time to go back to our cabins to call it a night, it was starting to get dark.

I had decided to give the kids a scare, so I ran out of the pavilion ahead of the kids and went up the path and hid behind a big bush. As the kids came up the path I growled, then jumped out and shouted, “I’M A BEAR!!!!” They all screamed and started running up the path toward the cabin and then laughed when they realized it was me. I stood there watching them all walk up the path when one of the other adults said, “Adam, don’t move. There’s a bear behind you.” Of course, having just scared the kids I didn’t buy it, I wasn’t going to fall for this, so I turned around and there 20 feet away from me, was a bear.

I didn’t move, I just stood there and looked at it and it looked back at me. It lifted its snout and sniffed the air, checking out my scent. I guess it didn’t smell a threat because after a few seconds it turned and sauntered off into the darkness and a few minutes later we heard it knock over a trash can in the pavilion where we had our talent show.

Myself and the other adults high-tailed it back up the path to our cabin where we locked ourselves inside and were able to laugh about the experience. We didn’t see any more bears throughout that week, but that was the last time I pretended to be one.