Self Discipline

It’s so easy to become lazy. I’ve become lazy and I don’t like it. So I’ve realized that it will take small steps to get the ball of change rolling. I’ve worn contacts since I was a teenager and I’ve always struggled with taking them out every night. It’s so much easier just to sleep with them in, but I knew it was laziness. Last Friday I took them out before going to sleep and I’ve done it every night since. It’s only been 5 nights so far but I’m committed to continuing this, I’m committed to learning self discipline. We are told in Scripture that our bodies are temples and for so long I’ve neglected mine in little ways. I want that to change. I need to eat better, I need to excercise more, I need to be quicker to love and slower to use words that hurt. Because self discipline isn’t just about the physical side of life, it’s also about the mental side, the Spiritual side. Self control is a fruit of the Spirit and I want the Spirit to be evident in my life. This definitely won’t be an overnight conversion for me, it’s the whole snowball effect and it’s starting with taking my contacts out every night. Life is a growing process and I can either sit back and do nothing or grow as a person and I for one am choosing to grow.


The End of Harry Potter

It’s the day before the end. Tomorrow night at midnight myself and thousands of people around the world will be sitting in a movie theater waiting to see “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2. I already know it will be an amazing movie and I’m pretty sure it will be my favorite movie of the series. For many people this movie signifies the end of the Harry Potter era but for true fans that era will never end. I will continue to watch the movies and re-read the books and as weird as it sounds, the world of Hogwarts will always be a part of my life, part of my conversations, and I will continue to shout spells anytime I’m holding anything that remotely resembles a wand!

The Harry Potter series has definitely had its share of praise and criticism. The books have been burned, the movies snubbed at award shows, but the reason they are so popular is because they strike a chord in us, they resonate with us. The idea of Hogwarts and being sorted into a house excites us. I think most people at some time have wanted to be able to do something magical.

When it comes to the books versus the movies debate, it’s really hard for me to choose, but I guess I would lean towards the books. There’s a lot more fullness and richness of the story that comes alive there that just couldn’t be added to the movie. Even though I know the plot and know the characters, the story still comes alive whenever that book cracks open. The movies on the other hand are amazing too, they bring to life all the things I imagine in my head and that’s why I’m so excited for this last movie. I want to see everyone in a new light for the last time. Yes there will be tears shed, I already know which parts will cause them, but there will also be a sense of victory, of accomplishment, of justice.

For those of you who would like the world of Harry Potter to continue on, here are a few suggestions: – J.K. Rowlings on website that will take the series to new places.

Mugglecast – a podcast dedicated to all things HP – a link to a great blog about Harry Potter and Christianity written by Andrew Peterson

Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban is my favorite book and my favorite movie (excluding the freeze frame that ends the film). Just thought I would throw that in here.

Enjoy the final movie and every now and then re-read one of the books. It’s worth it.

10 songs that take me back

1. Lady in Red – Not sure of the artist

2. Money – Pink Floyd

3. That I Would Be Good – Alanis Morissette

4. That Summer – Garth Brooks

5. Free Bird – Lynyrd Skynyrd

6. Have You Ever Seen The Rain – Creedence Clearwater Revival

7. This Magic Moment – Jay and The Americans

8. Wouldn’t It Be Nice – The Beach Boys

9. Paint It Black – The Rolling Stones

10. Maggie May – Rod Stewart