Losing Steam

This blog has been up and running since February 2010, about 17 months now. I’ve tried to post at least once a week, usually more, but lately I’ve been losing steam. Interesting things are happening, I’m watching good shows and reading books that I like, but it’s the actual writing of the posts that have become difficult. A few years ago when I was writing a lot more short stories and was working on a novel I would hit a wall every now and then and just didn’t want to write anymore so I had to push through it to get to the end result. The problem with a blog is there isn’t necessarily an end result. It’s very much open-ended.

I’m going to keep writing, I’m going to keep posting, no question about that, but I just wanted everyone to know where I was at so that, in case of less posts, you’ll know why. Who know’s though, tomorrow I could wake up and be ready to write a post a day. That’s the thing I’ve found with writing, it’s a day to day process that you can’t give up on. You have to make the words come out, you have to force the thoughts into something readable because you can’t be a writer if you don’t write. Ever since I was a child I wanted to be a writer, not because I wanted to be famous or write the next great novel, but because I thought I had good ideas and stories to tell and the medium I wanted to do that through was words.

Thanks for all of you who keep up with the blog, I appreciate it and I hope the things I write about interest you and put a smile on your face. And all that needs to happen for me to not lose steam is for more fuel to be put in the fire.


2 comments on “Losing Steam

  1. David Quinn says:

    I was beginning to feel this way a few months ago. I noticed that I was going long periods of time without writing anything and I was getting very discouraged. I had a few friends tell me that they really appreciated what I wrote and that they were looking forward to the next things I would say. That helped a lot!

    I also decided to read more about blogging and carve out some time each week to devote to it. I figured I would give myself a few hours on a few different days. It’s helped me feel like I don’t always need to wait for specific inspiration. I can create a few drafts and come back to work on them later or even schedule them to be posted a few times later in the week.

    I’m finding that blogging is really helping me to develop different kinds of writing and reporting skills also.

    Thanks for continuing to write. It inspires me to keep going too!

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