Dreams of Fernandomania

This past weekend I took in my first Dodgers game of the season and uncharacteristically they won 8-0, had 17 hits, and Kershaw struck out 10 while only allowing 2 hits. If they did that all the time, they’d actually be a team to reckon with.

What was interesting was what happened the night before the game though. I had a dream. A dream that merged a number of things that had been going on in my head into one. I had a dream about meeting Fernando Valenzuela, the great Dodger pitcher. In real life the day before, Matt Kemp (@TheRealMattKemp on Twitter) had been tweeting about meeting fans at different Bank of America’s around Los Angeles and this is what caused my dream to happen I think.

In my dream I was pulling into a Bank of America and realized that there was an autograph session going on with someone in a Los Angeles Dodgers uniform. I parked my car, walked up to the table and noticed that it was Fernando Valenzuela. I knew that somewhere in a stack of baseball cards that were in my trunk there was one of his cards (in my dream I guess I keep baseball cards in my trunk) and that I could get him to sign it.

I ran back to the car and sure enough, his was on top. I picked it up and looked at it only to have the wind blow and it fell back into the trunk and onto the pile of other baseball cards. I started to sort through the pile but couldn’t find his card, it was as if it had disappeared. After searching for a while I became frustrated and gave up, at least I was going to shake his hand and say hello.

When I got back inside the bank Fernando had changed from the Dodger uniform into a suit and was getting read to leave. I shouted out his name and he turned around as he was walking out the door. “I’m going to the game today, will you be there?” I called.

He smiled and walked out the door. Then I woke up.



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