I’m about 10 years behind the times (as I am with most reality shows) but I am hooked on Survivor. I watched this past season, Redemption Island,  that just finished and really enjoyed it but was told multiple times that it was just an “okay” season and that some of the older ones were much better. I listen to Survivor Podcast ( and found out that there are old seasons available on  Youtube. They are in 10 minute increments but hey, they’re free. So, I started watching season 16, Fans vs. Favorites and wow, that was a good season. I’m on the last episode so I don’t know who won yet, but the challenges were awesome, the contestants were great, and there were a lot of blindsides and backstabbing, everything that makes good reality television. This is just a short post, but if you’ve never watched Survivor, check it out and I’m sure you’ll get hooked just like I did.

P.S. – The new season of The Bachelorette just started last night and I’m super stoked about that too.


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