My dog broke my iPhone

This morning I was lying in bed having just woken up after my alarm clock went off when my dogs came in to say good morning. Henry, our biggest Basset Hound loves to say hello by licking my face so as he came bounding towards me I prepared for some slobbery doggy kisses. He jumped up onto my chest and knocked my iPhone off the bed and onto the ground which wasn’t a big deal because he does this pretty much everyday. I pushed him away from my face so I could breathe and also so I could try to escape before the rest of the dogs got there.

Henry decided that he had had enough pets and was done saying good morning and jumped off the bed just like he usually does, but this time he landed right on my phone and as I watched helplessly the glass screen broke. He didn’t even notice what he did and ran off to play. I picked up the phone and made sure the screen still came on and that everything worked, which it did, but the top part of the screen now has spiderweb cracks.

I just had to laugh. My dogs are awesome, they are hilarious and now they gave me an idea for a blog post. I like my iPhone, but it’s just a thing, not that important in the grand scheme of things (and I’m due for an upgrade in a little over a month) and my dogs are much more important than a phone could ever be.

This is Henry looking like an angel before he broke the phone.

The broken iPhone screen.


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