The 2nd Gold Medal

Jenny and I wanted to participate in a few of the Corporate Games events together. Our first attempt, bocce ball, didn’t turn out so well, but Lasertag was a different story altogether.

In our first match of the evening we performed great beating the other team by 5,000 or so points. This put us into the position that if we won the next game we would play for gold or silver and if we lost the next game we would play for bronze. I had an emergency phone call and had to leave and therefore missed the second game, but the rest of the team shot it up and won, we would play for gold. When I returned  I heard stories about Jenny controling the home base and scaring the heck out of the other team if they came near! Who knew if you put her in a Lasertag arena that this side of her would come out! Awesome!

Our team was called and we filed into the arena. The 12 minute game started and we attacked. When the final buzzer sounded we had won the match by a big margin. We had won the gold!

It was definitely cool winning a medal and competing alongside Jenny. We make a good team. Now we just have to work on our bocce ball skills for next year!


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