Corporate Games 5k

2 5k’s down, 3 to go! I recently ran my second 5k of 2011 but this time I was actually competing for the company I work for as opposed to simply running on my own. I didn’t expect to win, but I wanted to represent us well. The course was 2 laps around a park in Ventura.

There were a lot of people running and as is typical of me, when the race started I tried to keep up with the pack, quickly tiring myself. I finally slowed down and found a rhythm and once that happens, the fatigue passes and I feel like I could run for a long time, just not at a fast pace. I finished the first lap in 18 minutes (by this time the people who had finished first and second overall had already finished the entire race!) and started on my second time around the park.

It was the first time, I’ve ever ran a 5k in the evening so it was nice and cool, there was a calm breeze blowing and I picked up my speed and made it back around to the finish line with a total time of just over 35 minutes, over a minute faster than my time at the LA 5k.  I was proud of that. Overall I came in at 200th place, but our company won top honors in the 5k getting a total of 6 gold and silver medals.

So now that I have 2 5k’s under my belt I need to plan my next one. After that one I think I’ll attempt my first 10k. I get to go to work later in the morning now so I’ve started running in the mornings a few days a week for training so hopefully that helps. Until next time – keep running!


One comment on “Corporate Games 5k

  1. marisa says:

    GO Adam!!! 🙂

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