My Father’s Knife

My dad passed away when I was 18 months old, but this past year for Christmas I received something of his that my mom has kept the past 28 years. In a box of gifts she had mailed us there was a smaller box. On it was written”this was your dad’s”. I opened it up and in it was a pocketknife with 3 different blades. It definitely showed signs of aging, but the blades were still sharp. I didn’t have much use for a knife, but I thought it was cool that it was my dad’s, so I put it in the glovebox in my truck, not realizing how useful it would become in the next few months.

I didn’t end up using it to fend off theives (well not yet) and I didn’t use it to pick a lock (pretty sure I wouldn’t be able to do that anyway), but I have used it to keep my truck running. My truck is old and as it is with old trucks, it has its quirks. The gas gauge doesn’t work and many a days I get in to start the truck and it won’t turn over. For some reason the battery terminals get real dirty, real quick. One day, I decided to use the knife to really clean it off and voila! The truck turned on right away and ever since then when I have this problem, the knife comes out, the battery gets cleaned, and the truck starts up.

I know this is a simple story, but it’s cool that my father’s knife from 30 years ago has become such a useful tool in my current life.


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