The Los Angeles 5k

This past Saturday I ran my first 5k of the year, the Los Angeles 5k. So I have to run 4 more to meet my goal. Going into this race I didn’t have a time goal, but I did want to finish the race without having to stop running. Well, I finished the race, but I did not meet my goal and I blame the hills.

The course started off outside of Dodger Stadium near downtown LA and weaved its way through Elysian Park before finishing up back at the stadium. I expected the course to be hilly but was blindsided by the true hilliness of it! It seemed like half the course I was running uphill. I survived the hills, but somewhere between mile 2.5 and 3 I had to slow down to a walk to catch my breath. After my side-stich calmed down, I got back to running and finished in 36:08 which I was quite happy with.

My friend’s Phil and Reese (and 5,000 strangers) also ran the race, which was cool, and afterwards we went out for breakfast at this restaurant in Encino which served the most amazing pancakes and that definitely topped off the morning.

Up next is the Ventura Corporate Games 5k on April 6th!


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