Geocaching – my new hobby

I recently discovered a new way to spice up every day life with adventure – geocaching. A brief explanation would be this: people hide containers all around the world and plot them using a GPS. The coordinates are uploaded to the main website and then other people use their GPS device to find these containers. It’s like a modern day treasure hunt. Some containers only have a log to record your name while others have trinkets inside that you can take, but you have to leave something in return. You can check out to get more details.

Using my iPhone and the geocaching app I’ve been able to start finding these caches all over Ventura County and I’ve started hiding my own as well. Here are some pictures of some of the ones I found:

They’re hidden everywhere! Inside of fake rocks, behind reflectors on street signs, inside of fake sprinkler heads, under lamppost skirts, inside of signpoles, it’s amazing, as if my eyes have been open to a new world. The coolest thing is they’re everywhere so wherever you are, I’m sure there are some nearby. You can make an account on the website and link the iPhone app to it and then log all your finds! Some are harder to find than others and I’ve had to go back to some places more than once just to find them. Also, some are hidden in pretty public places so you have to be sneaky to find them without looking awkward or giving away where it’s hidden! You should try finding a few caches yourself and you’ll quickly get hooked, I did!


2 comments on “Geocaching – my new hobby

  1. Melina says:

    duuuuude, i love geocaching! we should have done it on santa cruz island with the kids. i’m planning on doing it the next time i venture out into the city…which may be tomorrow.

    • adamansel says:

      Yes, I bet there are great ones in Atlanta! You aren’t supposed to hide them in National parks so there probably aren’t any on Santa Cruz unfortunately, but that would be a fun youth group activity!

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