It’s always good to have a goal

Every year it seems I try to set goals that never quite get met. This year I am determined to make my goals a reality, so I thought that if I write about them here, everyone will know about it and then I’ll have to make sure I complete my goal!

My goal this year involves running. I have made it my goal to run 5 5k’s, 2 10k’s, and then either the Camarillo 1/2 marathon or the LA Rock & Roll 1/2 marathon in October to round out the year. If I’m feeling good in September, I may do the mini-triathalon in Carpinteria, but that would just be a bonus. I’m already scheduled to run The Great Race of Agoura in March, which is a 5k, but I may run one before that in the end of February. I’ll write a post about each one so we can all keep track together and when December 31, 2011 rolls around, I am convinced I’ll be able to say, “I met my goal this year!”


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