3 poems about fishermen


They’re out there again

On their lonely perch

Keeping a vigilant watch on the water

While waves gently lap the shore

And the sun begins to set

A bite

A tug

And dinner is brought in

The evening air is still warm

Although the day started cold

And as the boat is filled

With the scent of the catch

Another day is finished

Now that I’m here

I can smell the breeze and feel the soil under my feet

It’s the warmth of the air just before sunset

The way every day seems perfect

It just seems right

People bathing in the lake

While children cry nearby

And fishermen haul in their nets

A lone man sits looking into solitude

Wishing he had a boat, a net

And a few shillings in his pocket

Untitled #2

I can hear the fishermen out on Lake Victoria

Their laughter sends ripples across the water

Have they caught anything but conversation?


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