At Decade’s End

2010 is coming to a close and so is another decade. I think back to the last time a decade ended and the whole world was wondering if Y2K was real and if the world would go dark when the clock hit midnight. It didn’t come to pass and so here we are 10 years into the 21st century.

I thought I would pick my brain and try to remember where I was as I rung in the New Year for the past decade so here we go:

2010 – in the gym at my apartment complex with my dog Vincent watching the ball drop on the little TV.

2009 – Jenny and I were at a friend’s house. We all watched the ball drop then played poker the rest of the night.

2008 – I watched the ball drop at Jenny’s parent’s house.

2007 – Jenny and I went to an LA Clippers game and got upgraded to floor seats which was pretty sweet.

2006 – Jenny and I went to Washington DC for the festivities, realized there were none and went back and celebrated in downtown Cumberland which was hopping.

2005 – I’m having trouble remembering this one, but I think I was in Cumberland.

2004 – I was on an airplane flying over Libya on my way to Uganda.

2003 – I had just arrived in Uganda that day and rung in the new year with my buddies Mark and Craig at Craig’s house in Bunga.

2002 – I was on tour with the African Children’s Choir in Washington State at the time and we had a staff retreat at the Choir’s cabin in Arlington and celebrated the new year as a staff.

2001 – I had just joined the African Children’s Choir and we had a midnight concert at a church in Virginia.

Thanks for joining me on that trip down memory lane, I hope you all have a great New Year’s celebration and an awesome 2011. Keep checking back here for more posts in the new year! Some of the things planned for 2011 are a week of reader’s posts, another week in food pictures posts, some guest bloggers and a whole lot more!


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