My (current) 10 favorite iPhone apps – December Edition

Back in May I posted about my top ten iPhone apps at that time. 7 months later I thought it was time for an update, so here are my ten favorite apps at the moment:

1. Tap Zoo (free) – an app that is super addicting. You start from scratch and build your own zoo. Mine is pretty awesome. Jenny introduced me to this game and now I’m hooked.

2. Angry Birds ($.99) – I missed the Angry Birds craze when it first came out, but I finally succumbed to all the peer pressure and bought it and couldn’t stop playing until I finished all the levels.

3. Facebook (free) – a favorite that I use every day all the time.

4. Echofon (free) – a repeat from the original list, because I like to tweet and keep up with what’s “atwitter”

5. Foursquare (free) – at first I wasn’t a fan of Foursquare and I stuck with Gowalla but I finally made the switch and I’m glad I did it. I’m at “Home in the Heights” right now in case your wondering!

6. Words With Friends (free) – another repeat from the last list. So fun to play a scrabble-like game with friends! Challenge me, my user name is: Adamansel

7. eBay (free) – there have been a few auctions I’ve been bidding on and having this app has been super helpful for keeping up the pace on who’s winning.

8. Netflix (free) – I can watch movies and TV instantly over my phone and then pick up at the same place I left off on my laptop! How awesome it that!

9. Flashlight (free) – it always seems to be dark in the new house I live in so this helps a lot.

10. Holy Bible (free) – it’s nice having a Bible with me all the time, especially when I forget mine at home on Sunday morning!


3 comments on “My (current) 10 favorite iPhone apps – December Edition

  1. marisa says:

    which bible app did you get?? i’m afraid of getting a bad one… 🙂

  2. Matt says:

    Try Words4All. It’s like Words with Friends but it has a
    highly addictive Quick board that, in addition to being speedy,
    requires a lot of strategy.

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