Death Valley “Rocks”

A few weeks ago we took a friends trip to Death Valley. (Here’s a big shout out to Kevin, Ryan, Mallory, and Sam!) It surprises me how few people have heard of Death Valley and of those who have heard of it, how few of them desire to go there. It’s an amazing place people, if you get the chance to go there, take it! We left on a Friday afternoon and everything was going smoothly until we were headed down into Palmdale when a big rock flew up and hit the window of the Cube and broke it.

We pulled over to check out the damage and decided to keep going. The crack continued to spread throughout the trip and then (jumping ahead) on the way home, heading back through Palmdale again a rock flew up and hit the left side of the window and put a crack there too. If it wasn’t for the Sonic, I would recommend never going to Palmdale.

We made it to Lone Pine and had dinner at this weird Chinese restaurant but got the helpful hint to check out the “ghost town” of Darwin on our way into the valley. So the next morning we took off and went to the strangest place on earth. Darwin is a ghost town but 50 or so people live there who basically want nothing to do with society. There is a post office but no other services available.

There is no school, no police, and no children in Darwin. But there are plenty of mangy dogs, creepy lawn ornaments, and a sign with a spaceship that points to Yaws Gate.

After we left Darwin, we were welcomed to Death Valley and took the prerequisite picture:

I love the diversity of Death Valley. Our first stop was Mosaic Canyon where we hiked up through the marble rocks looking for big horn sheep and admiring the beauty of it. From there we went to the sand dunes where it felt like we had been dropped into the Sahara. We then went up to over 5,400 feet at Dante’s Point where we could look out over the entire valley and where the wind was blowing so hard I’m surprised none of us blew away. On the way back down we stopped at Zibreiski Point where the hills look like something out of a cartoon movie, and we finally ended up at the Devil’s Golf Course 200 feet below sea level.

We had an awesome time and it was great hanging out with friends. Way too many stories and hilarious moments than I could ever write about. I just wonder where we’ll go next?


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