Around the world in 30 years

To those of you who have been visitors of the blog in the past, you may have noticed something new recently…..the name of my blog has changed! As I get older so must the name of this blog. 29 is gone and 30 is here. It’s hard to believe I’ve been alive for 3 decades now. It seems like ages since I turned 20 so I certainly hope it takes as long to get to 40. I was hoping to change the title on my birthday but it took me about 2 weeks to actually figure out how to change the name. I had resigned myself to it permanently being at 29 while I continued to age, but then I finally found a tutorial that showed me the way!

I’d like to give a big Thank You out to everyone who visits this blog, whether a first time visitor or a regular reader. I enjoy writing it, I enjoy getting feedback and comments (either on here, Facebook, or Twitter), and I hope it entertains you and makes you want to come back! Almost 2,000 people have visited “Around the world in 30 years” since I started in back in February, which I think is extremely cool! So thanks again for stopping by and come back again real soon.


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