I graduated high school in the spring of 1998 (yes, that is over 10 years ago) and that fall I moved over 1,000 miles away from  home to the Sunshine State of Florida. Keeping with the theme of this week (hot, hot, hot) I started thinking about the weather in Florida and the thing that stands out the most to me is the humidity. It seemed like it rained every day, not for long periods of time, just short bursts of hot, drenching, pounding rain and it usually decided to pour when I was walking from my dorm to the cafeteria or had to walk outside of one building to get to another one. Ten minutes after the rain started the clouds would roll back and the sun would come out and the campus would literally start to steam, like walking around in a sauna. The heat would radiate up off the pavement as well as fall on you from above. Within seconds you would start to sweat. If you somehow managed to dodge the rain burst, you would still be soaked by the time you got to your classroom.

Showering didn’t help either, that cold water blasting out of the spigot felt refreshing for the few minutes you allowed it to pour over you, but as soon as the water was turned off, that humidity would start creeping in and even if you had a dry towel, it wouldn’t dry you off, it basically served the purpose of spreading around the sweat that had already came out of your pores! My college wasn’t top of the line, so the air conditioning wasn’t exactly top notch so this is what I learned to live with!

I ended up living in Florida for two years, and they were great years; I liked the beach and there are some absolutely beautiful places to visit, but where I was living, in Central Florida, is not a place I would recommend to anyone, unless of course, you like saunas.


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