Just when I thought we had made it through the summer without a serious heatwave, this weekend came rolling along. It was hot and it’s not summer anymore. It’s fall, it’s supposed to be cooling off, it’s supposed to be cloudy, it’s supposed to rain a lot, but this is Southern California and the weather here does whatever it feels like. It’s late September, sure 100 degree heat works.

Of course, we took the air conditioner out of the window because surely any chance of a late summer heatwave had passed. Yesterday during the heat of the day I looked out the window and saw it sitting on a chair outside the garage and for a minute considered lugging it back to the house and lifting it into the window to bring sweet, cool relief into the house, but just walking outside made me sweat and I gave up and went back inside to lay under the fan (which just pushed the hot air around, it didn’t actually cool anything).

The past few weeks I’ve had to use the heater on the way to work but it was 84 degrees when I got in my car at 6am to come to work this morning and the AC was sweet relief. This definitely isn’t the worst heat I’ve ever been in, far from it, but it’s the worst heat we’ve had in a while. I guess a few days of hot weather is a good trade for a complete summer of hotness. I also have to remind myself that compared to other parts of LA, I was doing okay. The Valley would have been way worse.

It looks like things will cool down by mid-week and we’ll be back to cooler weather, but at least I can thank the heat for one thing… it gave me something to blog about today!


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