Adventure, have you seen it?

The problem with living a life of adventure is that normal life seems all the more dull. Can anyone honestly think that Indiana Jones really enjoyed being stuck in a classroom teaching students when he could be out chasing the holy grail? Did Clark Kent really enjoy working in the newspaper editing room? No! Adventure is addicting and once you get a taste of it, everything else seems very, very bland.

Adventure can mean different things to different people. To some, going to the market after 8pm is an adventure, to others, visiting their In-Laws would get their adrenaline pumping. I try to take all of life as an adventure, that way nothing is normal, nothing is boring, everything is exciting and full of possibility. But sometimes I lose track. Sometimes I find myself getting bored with the routine of life because at one time I did have what most would consider to be an “exciting” life.

I spent a few years traveling around the world with a group of children from all across Africa. The kids would sing at different venues and we raised money to build schools in their native countries. After that I moved to Uganda, East Africa and embarked on many adventures that could fill an entire book. Now I live in Southern California, have been married for just over 2 years and work full time. It may not sound as adventurous as gallavanting around the world in a bus, living out of a suitcase, but it is just as adventurous, although in different ways. And that’s what I forget sometimes.

Sometimes I feel like I don’t want adventure, I’m a month away from turning 30, I feel settled and in a routine, why shake it up? Then I need to slap myself and say, “don’t become an old, grump yet!” Every day is exciting, every day is a blessing, every day is full of possibility if we decide to look at it that way. Starting my truck in the morning is definitely an adventure and actually driving it on the freeway would be enough to thrill most adrenaline junkies. Digging around through the refridgerator to figure out what to take for lunch can cause some heavy heart-pounding and finding that perfect meal is like discovering a hidden treasure. I’ve learned it’s all about perspective.

I don’t always need to be exploring a jungle in Mexico or getting my passport stamped in Tunisia, there are times for that. Usually I can enjoy dangerous living vicariously by watching “Whale Wars” or reading “Harry Potter”. I love my life, I love how there is so much unknown amongst the routine, and I love that I have an awesome wife to experience all of this with.

So whether I’m at home in California, eating gyros in Greece, or running with the bulls in Spain, I will find adventure and adventure will find me.


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