a dog’s life

I’m sitting here on my couch watching my dogs play and it got me to thinking about how good their lives are. I know not all dogs have good lives, some are abandoned and left to live in the pound, some are used for fighting, and some are severely abused. In this context I’m referring to my own dogs. Here is their daily schedule:

5:30 am – wake up, wake everyone else up, go outside and use the bathroom

5:45 am – breakfast time!

6:00 am – now that Jenny and Adam are awake we’ll go back to sleep

7:00 am – get put outside for the day

7:05 am – PLAY! chase each other around the yard, chew sticks, wrestle in the dirt

7:15 am – sleep

8:00 am – wake up to go to the bathroom then it’s back to sleep

10:00 am – wake up, wander around the yard and smell things

12:00 pm – feeling tired, it’s time to sleep again

1:45 pm – bathroom break

3:00 pm – PLAY time again

3:30 pm – Jenny is home, we get to come inside and see her!

3:45 pm – asleep on the couch

6:15 pm – Adam is home, yay!

6:30 pm – dinner time, yum, yum

7:00 pm – evening PLAY time!!!! let’s bark!

7:30 pm – feeling sleepy again

9:30 pm – put out for one last pee!

9:45 pm – laying down but playful

10:00 pm – bedtime!

And that’s their life, everyday, except for weekends when we’re home more. They have no cares in the world other than eating, sleeping, playing, and pooping. No bills, no cars breaking down, no jobs, all they worry about is when they’ll get their next bellyrub!

I just had to stop writing for a minute because I noticed they were all rolling around chewing something. It was my bookmark. Good thing I hadn’t started the book yet.

There is a lot I can learn from them though:

1. To find joy in the little things – like a bookmark I can chew

2. Be happy to see people I love – they are always stoked when I come home

3. Love unconditionally – there’s a reason they’re called “man’s best friend”

4. Snuggle on the couch – that’s their favorite time of the day

5. Eat, drink, and be merry – sometimes you have to put difficulties aside and just be happy

I guess it’s time to wrap things up because they’re all getting tuckered out which is my cue to sneak away to bed before they notice.


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