Deserted Island – TV Box Sets

If I was stranded on a deserted island with a TV and I could only bring 5 television show box sets, I would bring:

1. Lost (best show ever, and it’s about an island!)

2. Mythbusters (surely I could learn something that would be useful!)

3. Chuck (this would include all future seasons as well!)

4. Mash (I’ve always wanted to watch it, so this would be a good time!)

5. Survivor (never watched it, but could turn out to be helpful!)


Deserted Island – Music

Suppose you’re stuck on a deserted island for the rest of your life and you could only bring “insert options here” what would you choose?¬†We’ve all played this game with friends. Well, this week I’m going to share with you what I would take with me. Each day will be a different category and I’m starting the week off with music. If I was stuck on a deserted island and could only bring 5 music albums with me I would bring:

1. Dominic Balli – Public Announcement

2. Bebo Norman – Try

3. Counting Crows – Hard Candy

4. Tree by Leaf – Works of Mercy

5. Jack Johnson – Sleep through the Static

a dog’s life

I’m sitting here on my couch watching my dogs play and it got me to thinking about how good their lives are. I know not all dogs have good lives, some are abandoned and left to live in the pound, some are used for fighting, and some are severely abused. In this context I’m referring to my own dogs. Here is their daily schedule:

5:30 am – wake up, wake everyone else up, go outside and use the bathroom

5:45 am – breakfast time!

6:00 am – now that Jenny and Adam are awake we’ll go back to sleep

7:00 am – get put outside for the day

7:05 am – PLAY! chase each other around the yard, chew sticks, wrestle in the dirt

7:15 am – sleep

8:00 am – wake up to go to the bathroom then it’s back to sleep

10:00 am – wake up, wander around the yard and smell things

12:00 pm – feeling tired, it’s time to sleep again

1:45 pm – bathroom break

3:00 pm – PLAY time again

3:30 pm – Jenny is home, we get to come inside and see her!

3:45 pm – asleep on the couch

6:15 pm – Adam is home, yay!

6:30 pm – dinner time, yum, yum

7:00 pm – evening PLAY time!!!! let’s bark!

7:30 pm – feeling sleepy again

9:30 pm – put out for one last pee!

9:45 pm – laying down but playful

10:00 pm – bedtime!

And that’s their life, everyday, except for weekends when we’re home more. They have no cares in the world other than eating, sleeping, playing, and pooping. No bills, no cars breaking down, no jobs, all they worry about is when they’ll get their next bellyrub!

I just had to stop writing for a minute because I noticed they were all rolling around chewing something. It was my bookmark. Good thing I hadn’t started the book yet.

There is a lot I can learn from them though:

1. To find joy in the little things – like a bookmark I can chew

2. Be happy to see people I love – they are always stoked when I come home

3. Love unconditionally – there’s a reason they’re called “man’s best friend”

4. Snuggle on the couch – that’s their favorite time of the day

5. Eat, drink, and be merry – sometimes you have to put difficulties aside and just be happy

I guess it’s time to wrap things up because they’re all getting tuckered out which is my cue to sneak away to bed before they notice.

Lost and (after a heart-stopping hour) found

Last Wednesday I received a call from my wife. She had arrived home and found the gate to our backyard open and our two Basset Hounds Vincent and Henry nowhere to be found. They are both still puppies, Vincent is 14 months and Henry is 7 months, and they both love to follow their noses wherever they may lead.

I told my boss I had to go and left for home, meanwhile Jenny called her mom to join us in the hunt. When I arrived home I talked to our neighbor who had seen them running around a half-hour earlier. He had tried to catch them but to no avail (he is a little older, and they are pretty quick). He last saw them running toward the main road. We don’t live on a busy street, but I was still really worried about finding them in a ditch, hit by a car.

Jenny drove off to do a larger area scan, her mom was looking around our home, and I took off on foot calling their names and asking everyone I saw if they had seen two Basset Hounds running loose. This was all happening the same evening I had to go to the airport to pick up my mom who was flying in from Maryland for a visit. I was already planning on making signs and posting them up and down the street if I had to leave.

I had been walking down the road in one direction when I saw Jenny’s mom drive by in her car, off to look for the dogs in a broader area. Since they had both driven the same direction I decided to walk the opposite way. I honestly had no clue how we were ever going to find them, it was a scary/sick feeling. I stopped at the bottom of our driveway and just prayed that God would point me in the right direction.

I glanced to my right and saw a man standing at the top of his driveway. He looked at me and shouted, “I have your dogs!” I started running towards him and as I got closer I heard him saying, “Thank you Jesus, you’ve answered our prayers!” He said when he saw me, he just knew that the dogs were mine. I called Jenny and she drove to where we were waiting.

He had seen the dogs walking along the road and picked them up and put them in his friend’s yard. Then he made flyers and organized a group of neighborhood kids to post signs on the telephone poles lining our street (in the opposite direction of where we had been looking)! It was unbelievable. We went into the backyard and there to the joy of our hearts were Vincent and Henry, looking happy as they sniffed a bunny cage they had found.

A flood of relief filled my heart as I saw them. I know they are just dogs, but they are definitely special to us. It was even cooler knowing that while we were praying that we would find them safe and alive, the people who had found them were praying that they would find us! And God answered both our prayers!

We put Vincent and Henry in the car, thanked all the people who had been a part of saving our dogs yet again, and drove them home. The next morning I installed two more secure latches on the gate in the hopes of keeping them in forever!

All this happened and I still made it to the airport on time to pick up my mom!