Pacific – Part Three

One stretch of beach along the PCH is unique because of the giant sand hill that has built up over time against the mountains. This was my next stop. The memories here are more recent than others. In fact, it was just over a year earlier that I had been here on a day off from work. Jenny and I brought our dogs to the beach to start filming the opening scenes for a movie we were and still are working on (Houndward Bound is the title). While filming we found a seal sunning itself on the beach, a tidepool full of starfish, and the dogs discovered their love for eating seashells.

As we were walking back along the beach towards the car I realized my cell phone wasn’t in its normal pocket. I quickly checked all my pockets and the camera case and sure enough it wasn’t anywhere to be found. The phone was last seen being used by Jenny as a prop in one of the scenes we were filming further down the beach. I headed back in that direction while Jenny stayed with the dogs and after a few minutes of searching amongst the rocks and tidepools I found my phone lying on the sand, wet and dead. Ooops. It was a small price to pay though for a great day at the beach. One of these days we’ll actually finish the movie that has been so long in the making.

Another memory I had of this beach took place about two years before the cell phone incident. One evening just as the sun was setting Jenny brought me to the sand hill for the first time. We brought Grace (the oldest Basset Hound) with us and decided to climb up the hill and watch the sun set over the Pacific Ocean.

About a third of the way up the hill Grace decided to call it quits, but Jenny and I kept trekking to the top. We finally reached where the sand meets the rocks and we sat down and watched a gorgeous sun setting into the ocean. Grace had dug herself a resting place in the sand and watched the sunset from a little further down the hill, but she waited patiently for us as we soaked up the view.

On this rainy day there were no seals, no sunsets, and my cell phone was safe and secure in my pocket (except for when I was taking the pictures). We weren’t filming and I was all alone, but the beauty of the waves crashing against the shore and the way the diffused sunlight shone upon the sand hill still made for a memorable moment.


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