Pacific – Part Two


I drove a short way down the PCH (about 100 yards) and pulled off to the side of the road next to a very large rock that stood guarding over the Pacific. The mist was even thicker now, almost to the point of possibly being called rain and even though it was morning, standing there I was taken back to a night in 2006.

I was on tour (still) with a choir from Uganda and we were staying in Camarillo that night. All of the children and adults were being hosted at one very big house. After the children went to bed some of us adults decided to take a drive out to the ocean just for the fun of it, so four of us got into a car and drove to this very spot. One of the staff who was there with me was a girl I had come to love and as we stood there in the moonlight watching the waves crash against the shore I looked over at her and was mesmerized by her beauty. Forget the ocean, forget the starry sky, she was the object that caught my attention.

I didn’t try to hold her hand, I didn’t whisper any sweet words in her ear, I just watched her. Of course, when she turned her blue eyes towards me I quickly turned my head away and glanced out at the Pacific! I was still nervous around her, when she looked my way my heart would begin to pound and I couldn’t think of any words to say. So, I said nothing. I kept everything inside, to myself. It was a cool night and after a few minutes we piled back into the warmth of the car and drove back to the house where we were staying. As I stood there 4 years later I couldn’t help but smile remembering that moment.

That night was just the beginning of things. We both knew how the other felt, we had talked, we had opened our hearts up, but little did I know that we would soon start dating, eventually become engaged and ultimately get married.


2 comments on “Pacific – Part Two

  1. Marko says:

    “Live in the now!”
    How come you didn’t blog that story?!?!

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