The Day I Saw Tom Cruise

I wrote this story in Durham, England on 20 June, 2005. It is a true story.

I am writing this for the sole purpose and hope that Tom Cruise will eventually read it. I know he’s famous and I know he’s busy, but I need him to hear this story and to tell all of my friends that it’s true.

I was in London, England in November of 1997. I don’t remember the exact date, but I don’t think that it matters all that much. The Underground, the subway system that runs and snakes its way underneath the capital, was cold and slick underfoot. The day had been overcast, like most days in November. Rain had occasionally fallen and I was slightly damp. My friends and I were walking through the Underground to catch a train that would take us to the bus station where we could catch a bus to take us to our hotel out near Heathrow Airport. We were scheduled to leave the next morning on a flight back to the United States.

My friends were walking ahead of me, I was lagging behind like I usually do. I don’t always like big crowds, especially after a long day. Up ahead I saw a man in a brown overcoat and a matching brown felt hat walking towards me. When we were about twenty feet from each other our eyes met and we kept each other’s gaze as we walked towards each other. As we passed each other, our shoulder’s brushed and it wasn’t until he was past me that our eye contact was broken. It was then I realized that it was Tom Cruise. I turned around but could only see the back of him. I knew it was him, I knew I recognized the face, there was no doubt in my mind that I had just seen Tom Cruise. But what were the chances that Tom Cruise was in England, or more specifically – in London.

I caught up to my friends and told them what had just happened and of course none of them believed me.

“You didn’t just see Tom Cruise.”

“There’s no way that Tom Cruise would be walking through the London Underground.”

“And walking alone? Tom Cruise would never walk alone.”

“It’s only your imagination.”

But I knew it was Tom Cruise. No doubt whatsoever.

We caught the proper train and made it to the bus station and then made it back to the hotel. I knew I couldn’t let this rest. I had to prove that I was right, so I went to the desk clerk because there was no one else to ask.

“Excuse me.”


“What are the chances that Tom Cruise would be in London? Any chance at all?”

“Actually, he is here in London filming a movie. Why?”

“I think I saw him today in the Underground as we were getting ready to come back to the hotel.”

“Well, it’s a possibility. You very well may have seen him.”

I practically ran upstairs and told my friends the things I had learned from the desk clerk. Still they didn’t believe me.

“Okay, he may be in London, but you did not see Tom Cruise in the Underground.”

“So what, he’s here, but you didn’t see him.”

There was nothing I could do to prove to them that I had truly seen Tom Cruise. Since then I’ve told many people this story and overall very few believe me, I could count that number on one hand and they were probably just trying to be nice to me.

So I’ve written this story so that everyone who reads it can know of this encounter. I commit the truth to this page. Here is my statement:

I saw Tom Cruise in the London Underground in November 1997.

Take it or leave it, believe me or don’t, I just ask one thing of you, wherever you are and whoever you are, if you are reading this and know Tom Cruise, please, ask him if he was there. I’m quite sure he won’t remember me, but if he admits he was there, it will prove me true and all my friends will have to admit that I was right. So, friend of Tom Cruise or Tom Cruise himself, feel free to contact me, any time, any day.

Prove me right.


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