World Cup 2010 Week 2 Round-Up

What a week of soccer it has been! My obvious highlight was the 91st minute of the USA/Algeria game Wednesday morning. Landon Donovan became an instant national hero! I was very impressed with the US squad although they still need to tighten up the backline and make sure to not give up any early goals against Ghana.

France and Italy crashed out so no repeat of the 2006 finals and no 2 World Cup wins in a row for Italy. Good riddance. (Ireland would have put up a much better performance) The Netherlands are still impressing me and are front runners in my opinion. Germany looked okay in their last game, and I would not want to be the team that has to play Brazil or Portugal in the next round. And what a mouth-watering set of match-ups with Argentina/Mexico and Germany/England, then the winners playing each other. Those will be great games!

The last group still has to be decided, but I think Chile and Spain will go through ultimately.

The World Cup gets real interesting now with extra time and the dreaded penalty shoot-out possibilities. Here are my thoughts on the matches we already know are scheduled:

Uruguay vs. South Korea – Uruguay

USA vs. Ghana – USA

Netherlands vs. Slovakia – Netherlands

Argentina vs. Mexico – Argentina

Germany vs. England – England (I think they will surprise everyone)

Paraguay vs. Japan – Japan

As for the other 2 matches that have yet to be determined, I guess only time will tell…


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