Par for the Course

I went golfing yesterday with my Father-in-Law and Brother-in-Law. We played all 18 holes which makes this the 4th time in my life I’ve played a complete round of golf. I’m officially comtemplating retiring from competition after yesterday though.

I enjoy the thought of golf, and I do quite well when I play the golf game on my phone but when it comes to actually holding a club and hitting a ball, it’s an altogether different story. Most of my drives went far left into the trees or weakly bounced about five feet in front of me. My Father-in-Law should have bought stock in the company that produced the golf balls I was using because it’s going to take a lot of money to replace all of the ones I lost.

There were 2 shining moments during the day though. On a Par 3 hole, my drive actually went straight and landed on the green about 7 feet from the hole. I then proceeded to take 3 putts to actually get the ball in, but that was my best score. On another hole, I was roughly 40 feet away from the hole on the edge of the green and I just hit the ball and somehow it wound its way across the green and went in. The longest putt of the day!

On a different hole, near a water trap (water is like a magnet for my balls) I took a swing at my ball and it took off at 100 mph right into the weeds surrounding the pond. I heard a thump and then a duck started squaking like it had been hit with a hammer. Oops. Hope it didn’t have little babies.

After 4 hours I limped back into the clubhouse with blisters rubbed raw on both my feet, an aching back, and a severely bruised ego. But surprisingly, as I looked back out over the course, I had the delusional thought of, “maybe next time…..”


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