World Cup 2010 Week 1 Round-Up

The first week of the 2010 World Cup has passed and I must say that there have been some great games, some lame games, and some big upsets! Every team has played once by this point and now we’ll start to see the pack separate between the favorites, the hopefuls, and the “we have 1 game left but we’re playing for our pride” teams.

Things have changed since the time I woke up this morning (I haven’t seen 4:30 am this often since I worked nights at a supermarket) and started thinking about which teams looked good and which ones fell flat. Before today I was thinking that Germany were hot and were potential “underdog” favorites, then they lost. I was definitely thinking the USA had a clear shot to the second round until we were down 2-0 at halftime and I resigned myself to thinking that there was always 2014. Thankfully they fought back and got a point.

At this point, Argentina is looking really good in both of their games. Brazil wasn’t super impressive in the win over North Korea, and France is mess. After watching Italy play I’m thinking that they don’t have a great chance at winning for a second time in a row. Currently the England/Algeria game is on and the outcome of that will go a long way towards how I feel about England’s chances. The Netherlands won but weren’t overly impressive and South Africa bombed. The team that really jumped out at me as a fast paced, well organized, sleeper team is Chile. Yes, I know they were playing Honduras (no offense) but they really looked like a good team. Spain was upset and Cristiano Ronaldo (Portugal) has been as big a baby as ever.At this point, your guess is as good as mine at who will advance to the next round and ultimately win it, but here are my thoughts at who will advance from the group stages:

Group A – Mexico, Uruguay

Group B – Argentina, South Korea

Group C – England, USA

Group D – Germany, Ghana

Group E – Netherlands, Japan

Group F – Italy, Paraguay

Group G – Brazil, Portugal

Group H – Spain, Chile

What do you think?


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