Two things in my life came to end this past week: Lost, and my EMT course. Let me start with Lost. IF YOU ARE A LOST FAN AND HAVEN’T WATCHED THE FINALE, YOU SHOULDN’T READ THIS SECTION.

I’m not going to go into a detailed recap or discussion on the meaning of it all, I’m simply going to say…I was satisfied with the way Lost ended. I still have some questions that I would have like to have answered, such as, what did Richard think of iPhone’s? Did customs allow the Ajira Airlines crowd to go through without a problem? Did Desmond ever get to see Penny again? And so on. Despite some questions and general confusion, I really liked how the “on island” story ended, especially how Vincent came alongside Jack so that he didn’t die alone. The bright light, church of multiple religions scene caused me to re-think everything about the flash sideways, but hey, everyone was happy, that’s not a bad thing. And to all you Mr. Eko fans, the actor was offered a place to be in the finale, but wanted 3 times the normal pay so obviously he didn’t get to go into the bright white light.

I watched the first 2 seasons of Lost on an iPod video, then moved up to watching the next few seasons on a laptop, and I watched the finale at the Orpheum Theatre in Los Angeles on a huge screen with 2,000 fans. I moved up in the world. The guys who played Liam Pace and Radzinsky sat 2 rows in front of us which was pretty cool (especially cause Radzinky sports the long hair, bald look which is exactly what I would look like if I grew my hair out!).

So, thank you Lost for 6 seasons of questions, excitement, heartbreak, and happiness. I enjoyed the ride.

Now on to more important, real life things. This past Saturday we had our skills exam for my EMT class. Back in January the class started with 29 students, 13 of us were remaining on skills day. It was honestly one of the most stressful days of my life. My heart was racing and my blood pressure was super high all day. I am thankful to say that I passed. By the time Tuesday night came and the final was over, the dust settled, and 9 students were remaining who passed the class. My next step is to take the National Registry Exam to become a nationally certified EMT.

I learned a lot of things in this class that I know will be beneficial for the rest of my life and the question has already been asked to me, what next? Once I pass the national registry, my plan is to volunteer with the Red Cross and other organizations and use the skills I learned to help other people.

So the chapter has closed on two areas of my life, yet both of them will continue because the Lost theorizing will never end, and my medical training is really just beginning.


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