127.5 hours

127.5 hours from now I will be a relieved man. I will have either passed or failed my EMT course, survived my ambulance ride along, and after 6 years of commitment, Lost will be no more.

Here is my schedule for the next few days.

Thursday 5/20 – Final EMT class. I take my final quiz then have a few hours of skills practice to prepare for Saturday.

Friday 5/21 – I have my second 10 hour ambulance ride along since my first one resulted in only 1 patient contact in 10 hours.

Saturday 5/22 – My EMT skills exam. This is where the rubber hits the road. If I pass I can sit for the final exam, if I fail I go home with my figurative tail between my legs. The day consists of 6 skills stations (5 we know, 1 random) where we have to perform medical and trauma skills. I’m spending a lot of time studying.

Sunday 5/23 – The culmination of 6 years. The series finale of Lost. I will not be watching it on a tiny computer screen or in the comfort of a living room. I will be joining 2,500 other Lost fans at the Orpheum Theater in downtown Los Angeles to watch the 2 1/2 hour finale on a huge screen. Super stoked.

Monday 5/24 – If I pass my skills test (as I plan to do) I’m taking Monday off from work to study and prepare for my final.

Tuesday 5/25 – Once again, assuming all goes well on Saturday, I will be taking my EMT final which, if passed, will allow me to sit for the National Registry Exam to actually become an EMT.

So, because of all of the above, in 127.5 hours I will be a happy, relieved man. The only difference is whether I’ll be happy it’s all over, or if I’m happy it’s all over with an EMT certificate and a better understanding of what Lost was all about!


One comment on “127.5 hours

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