My (current) 10 favorite iPhone apps

1. Hipstamatic ($1.99) – you can take really cool retro pictures with multiple lenses, flashes, and films and update them to Facebook.

2. iFeltThat ($.99) – see maps and data about earthquakes around the world. Living in California, this is very helpful.

3. Gowalla (Free) – let people know where you are and what you are doing. There are like 7 of my friends on here, we need more to join us, time to start a revolution!

4. Scramble 2 (Free) – you use letters to make as many words as you can in 2 minutes. Addicting and fun.

5. USA Today (Free) – news, pictures, sports all updated regularly.

6. Yahoo Fantasy Baseball 2010 (Free) – I can update and keep track of my fantasy baseball team, the Camarillo Dodgers, even though they suck.

7. ESPN ScoreCenter (Free) – scores and recaps from pretty much every sport. Nice!

8. CraigsPro (Free) – search by city, county, item. Really cool way to browse for much needed things, like a house for rent! (Just downloaded this one today!)

9. Words With Friends (Free with ads) – by far the best and most enjoyable game in the iPhone world. I have some friends who are so good that my only goal in life is to beat them! If you like Scrabble this is the game for you. My user name is: Adamansel if you’re up for the challenge!

10. Echofon (Free) – I love Twitter, I love tweeting, this allows me to be a part of the Twitterverse.


2 comments on “My (current) 10 favorite iPhone apps

  1. Marko says:

    I’ve just started a game with you on Words WIth Friends. But here are my top ten.

    1. Facebook (obviously)
    2. Lightsaber
    3. BBC iPlayer (Catch up BBC tv on my phone)
    4. CoPilot (Sat Nav)
    5. 3D Drum Kit (Virtual Drum kit)
    6. L&M Guitar (Guitar Tuner)
    7. BMW M Meter (Measures how fast I do 0-60mph!)
    8. Cardstar (Bar code app)
    9. Amazon app
    10. eBay app

  2. Phil says:

    My top 10:
    1) ESPNScoreCenter
    2) Words With Friends
    3) Moxie (an addicting word game)
    4) TrueHDR (makes iPhone photos look unbelievably good)
    5) Foursquare
    6) Gowalla
    7) Yelp
    8) Facebook
    9) GuitarToolkit (tuner, shows how to play every imaginable chord)
    10) MyFantasyTeams (all my yahoo fantasy sports teams in one location)

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