One Week of Food (Day Three 4/13/10)

We’ve reached humpday in the One Week of Food project and I can honestly say that by taking pictures of everything I eat or drink (excluding water) I have snacked less because I didn’t want a bunch of pictures of all these unhealthy snacks out there for the world to see! Here are Tuesday’s tasty delights…

No those aren’t rabbit turds, it’s cut up Maple Sausage links! Joining the sausage for breakfast was a bowl of Lucky Charms and of course the ever present cup of coffee.

My parents always said soda in the morning is bad for you, but since I’m an adult I broke the rule and had a 10:30 am Dr. Pepper.

A little bit of reading and lunch outside on a beautiful Spring day. Pepperoni & cheese on sourdough bread, chips, and a yogurt.

Dinner in the car on the way to my EMT class. PB & J and a Monster to get me through the 4 hour lecture.


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