One Week of Food (Day Two 4/12/10)

Monday has come and gone, but the food I ate has been captured for eternity (not really) in digital format! I noticed a lot more snacking in my diet since I was at my desk at work instead of being on the go, hence more pictures. Enjoy Monday’s cuisine…

Breakfast was leftover Cinnamon Streusel muffins and coffee, but it was so early and I was so tired I only ate a few bites.

A McDonald’s Sweet Iced Tea to start off another work week. Only $1!

Lunch was leftover pasta from Sunday, chips, and a yogurt.

A mint Life Saver to freshen my breath. Can anyone tell me what’s in the center?

A mid-afternoon snack of Hot & Spicy beef jerky that I really didn’t need, but it looked so tasty (although this picture doesn’t convey that).

And finally dinner, bean & cheese burrito’s with juice.


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