One week of food (April 11-15, 2010)

Today’s blog is meant to whet your appetite. You’ll have to wait until Monday for the real meat.

It seems like food is more popular than ever these days and people are writing about food and posting pictures about food all over the internet. I was recently subjected to viewing the movie “Julie and Julia” and thought, rather than write about cooking or actually cooking, let me take pictures of what I eat (much easier) and share them with all of you! So starting Sunday morning, I am going to take a picture every time I eat, whether it’s a meal, a snack, or just a cookie and then post them on the blog. Some may be artistic, some may be silly, and others may be normal. The way it will work is that Sunday’s pictures will be posted Monday, Monday’s pictures posted on Tuesday, and so on for 5 days.

Not sure how this will turn out or if any of you will even care, I just thought it could be fun and different than just reading something. So Monday morning be prepared to see some food!


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