Falling off the edge of the world

I’ve been locked up in a little room in a little town for the past week doing Census training. I’m writing this post from my phone, one line at a time. I had to get something out to the world to let everyone know I haven’t fallen off the edge of the world. At some point in the near future the door will be opened and I will be released into the world once again. Be ready!


2 Poems

I thought I would get back into the Friday routine of posting some of my writings, so for your reading pleasure today you get 2 poems. The first one is kind of dark while the second is more light-hearted.

I wrote the first poem in February 2009. Saddam Hussein’s execution had recently reappeared in the news and it got me thinking about his thoughts. When he was in complete control and had all authority in Iraq, did he ever think about how his life would end? Those thoughts spawned this poem, which I wrote when I arrived at work.

Saddam (written 2/11/09 in Simi Valley, CA)

Did you think it would end this way?

With a black bag pulled over your head. Did you think it would end this way?

With a noose tied around your neck.

When you sat on your golden throne in your palace between the great rivers

When your picture adorned every street corner and business wall

When the statues were erected and the songs of praise were sung

Did you think it would end this way?

Did you think it would end this way?

In a dark, dank cellar.

Did you think it would end this way? Hiding in a hole in the ground.

When you gassed the innocent and massacred the poor

When you threw people in cells for no reason other than your hurt pride

When the torturers whips snapped and pain was inflicted on your command

Did you think it would end this way?

Statues fell, crumbled

Pictures removed, shredded

The soles of the people were on your head

Your demise was rejoiced

Your capture was celebrated

Your death was relief

Did you think it would end this way?


The second poem was written way back in 2002 while I working with the African Children’s Choir. We had a concert in Berkeley, CA and I had a few hours to explore. I walked up and down different streets and saw people who were living life in a wide variety of ways and all of them were accepted. That led to this poem.

In These Streets (written in Berkeley, CA 10-6-02)

Out in the street

Underneath the October sun

With sounds of sirens in our ears

Intrigued by what we see

Long hair     tattered clothes

Dancing in the streets trying to make a living

But not doing a good job

There is life in these streets

Unlike the majority of this land

Beads, strings, books, and clothes

Stop the war!

Free the oppressed!

Vote for peace!

 Even if you don’t agree with them

You smile at them

Because of their enthusiasm and


For what they believe

Yes, there is life

And heart

In these streets

A Big Thank You

I just wanted to say thanks to everyone who participated in the “One Week of Food” project by reading the blog! Over 100 people kept up with the food I was eating; who knew it would be that interesting? So thank you, thank you, thank you.

I have an idea now that involves you. I think it would it would be fun if all of you took pictures of what you eat for one day and then send it to me and I’ll post a blog of food pictures from around the world. If you are interested either comment back or send me an e-mail at: adamincamarillo@gmail.com

Include pictures of the food you eat, descriptions, your first name and where you live and in a few weeks when enough are gathered (if any are gathered) I’ll post them!

One Week of Food (Day Five 4/15/10)

I made it through the week of keeping a record of what I eat and have the pictures to prove it. Next week sometime I’ll write up a recap and I have a project that I want all of you to be a part of (how’s that for a teaser?). But until then enjoy the pictures from the last day of the One Week of Food project. Here is Tasty Thursday….

Nothing too exciting here for breakfast, just some Frosted Flakes and coffee. We do have more than 2 coffee mugs in our home, I always just use the one in the front of the cabinet which happens to be the one that was just washed which happens to be the one from the day before 🙂

I was in Oxnard and I’m rarely in Oxnard and in Oxnard they have the only Chick-fil-A for like 100 miles around here. C’mon California catch up to the East Coast. So, I had to stop, eat, and capture the wonderful, tastiness of Chick-fil-A in a picture. I recommend Polynesian sauce!

Dinner was a quick on the go meal before my EMT class. Just sandwiches and chips. Not much of a big bang to end the week of food pictures, but that’s real life.

Finally I ended out the week and the evening with a nice cup of Bailey’s. Cheers!

One Week of Food (Day Four 4/14/10)

I had to take a lot of pictures today. I don’t know if that means I ate a lot, or I snacked a lot, or both. This project is really keeping me in check because I had opportunities to eat things but I didn’t because I didn’t want to take a picture! Wednesday marked Day Four of the One Week of Food project, which means tomorrow things will wrap up and I have an idea that involves YOU! Be ready, but for now enjoy the pictures from Wednesday.

You can probably tell by now that I like breakfast! Take some more of those interesting looking sausage links and add eggs, cheese, and tortillas and I had a wonderful breakfast burrito. Don’t forget the Tapatio and coffee!

Drinks help me get through the morning so it was back to McDonald’s for another $1 sweet tea.

Lunch didn’t work out quite as planned so I improvised and hit up Panda Express as a second option. Beijing Beef, sweet honey chicken, fried rice, and chow mein. Oh yeah, and a fortune cookie. And no, I did not eat all that food in case you were wondering, I shared some with the birds.

See, I can eat healthy sometimes! An orange!

I was in charge of making dinner and I always seem to cook better with a little help from Ireland.

This picture doesn’t do dinner justice. It was actually very tasty. Macaroni & Cheese and corn. The newest episode of “Lost” was also on the menu.

The day’s eating wrapped up with what was once a fine cup of ice cream.

One Week of Food (Day Three 4/13/10)

We’ve reached humpday in the One Week of Food project and I can honestly say that by taking pictures of everything I eat or drink (excluding water) I have snacked less because I didn’t want a bunch of pictures of all these unhealthy snacks out there for the world to see! Here are Tuesday’s tasty delights…

No those aren’t rabbit turds, it’s cut up Maple Sausage links! Joining the sausage for breakfast was a bowl of Lucky Charms and of course the ever present cup of coffee.

My parents always said soda in the morning is bad for you, but since I’m an adult I broke the rule and had a 10:30 am Dr. Pepper.

A little bit of reading and lunch outside on a beautiful Spring day. Pepperoni & cheese on sourdough bread, chips, and a yogurt.

Dinner in the car on the way to my EMT class. PB & J and a Monster to get me through the 4 hour lecture.

One Week of Food (Day Two 4/12/10)

Monday has come and gone, but the food I ate has been captured for eternity (not really) in digital format! I noticed a lot more snacking in my diet since I was at my desk at work instead of being on the go, hence more pictures. Enjoy Monday’s cuisine…

Breakfast was leftover Cinnamon Streusel muffins and coffee, but it was so early and I was so tired I only ate a few bites.

A McDonald’s Sweet Iced Tea to start off another work week. Only $1!

Lunch was leftover pasta from Sunday, chips, and a yogurt.

A mint Life Saver to freshen my breath. Can anyone tell me what’s in the center?

A mid-afternoon snack of Hot & Spicy beef jerky that I really didn’t need, but it looked so tasty (although this picture doesn’t convey that).

And finally dinner, bean & cheese burrito’s with juice.