10 places I don’t want to go to

I love to travel and there are not many places I don’t want to go, so this list took a while to come up with. I apologize in advance if you are from one of these places 🙂

1. Japan (Sorry, absolutely no interest in ever going there)

2. Nebraska, USA (Once you’ve seen a stalk of corn, you’ve seen them all)

3. Portugal (Christiano Ronaldo is from there)

I’m not sure if I can come up with 10, 3 have been difficult (well, the first 2 weren’t)

4. Nigeria (I love Africa, it’s practically home for me, and as much as I love travelling all around Africa, if I had to pick 1 country to not visit, it would be Nigeria)

5. Taiwan (Nope)

6. Detroit, Michigan, USA (I wouldn’t mind seeing other places in Michigan though)

I’m picking scraps off the bones at this point

7. Hell (It counts in my book)

I’m going to have to cut this one short, I think I’d like to go everywhere else in the world. Is there anywhere you don’t want to go?


3 comments on “10 places I don’t want to go to

  1. Jacob says:

    You’re crazy. Japan is awesome, and beautiful. It’s near the top of my list entitled, “10 (more like 7) places I want to go.”

  2. Phil says:

    I’m conflicted on Japan. I’ve heard it’s beautiful in the spring, but from what I’ve read about its culture (present, not past), it sounds like something I would not want to experience.

    I don’t think there are any places I wouldn’t visit, but I probably would hesitate in hopping on a plane to Pakistan for funsies.

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