Africa, My Love

Instead of a story today, I thought I would post a poem that I wrote. It is about Africa. I love the entire continent and am so glad that I’ve been able to spend a lot of time there and hope to spend more in the future. I wrote “Africa, My Love” before I ever stepped foot there. Africa was everything I dreamed it would be and much more. In my opinion it is the most wonderful place on the planet, with the kindest, most generous, loving people as well. I hope you enjoy the poem and I hope you get the chance to visit this amazing continent sometime during your life. 

Africa, My Love

I pray for you oh Africa, that peace may flow around your borders and throughout your nations

As the River Nile runs from Lake Victoria to the Mediterranean may peace spread across the continent

From Burkina Faso to Tanzania, From Algeria to Burundi

When uprisings come may they quickly be faltered, I pray that as snow falls on Kilimanjaro, may harmony fall upon your land

From Botswana to Liberia, From Egypt to South Africa

Hard times come again no more for this place of beauty which has seen so much pain

May the pearl that is Africa have a bright and beautiful future

I don’t understand why a land that has already faced so much hardship must also live with natural disasters and wars that cause mass destruction and force hundreds of thousands to leave their homes

But I know that in the face of trials the spirit of Africa prevails

I see her children with their precious smiles and I know that joy will persevere, amidst everything

Rwanda, live on / Somalia, may your land be fruitful /                                      Ethiopia, healing shall come

My feet have never graced your land, I have never felt the heat of the Serengeti sun, yet my heart has been there a thousand time over, soaring over Victoria Falls and into the depths of the Congo

And in your land my heart will always stay

Nigeria, Ghana, your children shall prosper / Uganda, may democracy reign  Kenya, I shall soon see your smiles

Daily my heart yearns to feel your earth underneath my feet and your early morning sun shining in my eyes

Cameroon, send your sons into the world / Gabon, disease shall soon flee       Sudan, there will be peace and reconciliation

Until the blessed day when I belong to you oh Africa, I shall pray for you

Think of you

And love you

Africa, my love


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