NCAA Tournament Time

Last year in the office we had a NCAA bracket tournament competition. I helped organize it but I was far from winning it. This year I’m hoping for better results. The e-mail has been sent out to the staff so I’m just waiting for people’s brackets to start rolling in. Being from Maryland I would love the #4 seeded Terps to go deep in the tournament but unfortunately they could quickly run into Kansas and that would be all she wrote. But, March is a time for upsets. When I’m filling out my bracket I’m always torn between finding the right balance beween upsets and predictable. There are usually a few upsets but more often than not the teams that should win do. I’ve got 3 #1 seeds and 1 #2 seed in my final four. It seems a little too easy but at the same time, those are the teams I feel would do the best in their groupings. Only time will tell. So for the next two weeks I’ll be anxiously watching scores, tallying up totals, and hoping for the best. Taking home the winnings is never a bad thing. And because I know you were all wondering, my final four picks are….

Kansas, Syracuse, West Virginia, and Duke


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