EMT vs. the Census

Right now I’m in school studying to become an EMT. Over the past few years I’ve really started getting interested in the medical field. Maybe it was from watching too many episodes of “House” and “Scrubs” or from spending time in the third world and realizing how easily basic medical training can help make a difference in someone’s life. The class won’t end until the end of May, so until then I decided to try out for a job with the 2010 US Census. So beware, if you hear a knock on your front door, it could be me!

Later in the semester we have a 10 hour ride-along in an ambulance that I’m really looking forward to. There is so much information that we are being taught and reading about, and we do practice some of the skills in class, but to be out in the real world, dealing with real people…. That’s a different story altogether. Sure, I can take a blood pressure in class, but how about in the back of ambulance at 75 mph?


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